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Ordering is Available

Use this field to not allow clients to place orders without changing your Opening hours. Opening hours also control your availability.

Web shop product view

Control the way products are displayed on your web shop.

Open hours Pro

The time intervals that the bot can allow the customers to place orders. You can create a schedule here. Please reload the page after create new open hours.

Search Products Pro

Allow customers to send messages to find products.

Facebook Pixel code Pro

Track conversion with FB pixel and measure the results of your ads. The following events are tracked ADD_TO_CART, INITIATE_CHECKOUT, PURCHASE, VIEW_CONTENT

Abandoned cart message Pro

The amount of time to wait before to send an abandoned cart message after the user leaves your bot with an item in cart.

Buttons in Products

This setting controls what buttons are shown for products inside Messenger.

Image size of Products

This setting controls the size of the image of products inside Messenger.

Allow to rate orders

Allow customers to rate an order and write a review if they are not satisfied with the order. Only bot admins can see the rate and reviews

Allow to change rate

Allow customers to change the rate for an order.

Send notification when change cart status

The customer will receive notifications whenever you change the order status. You can't disable notification for order cancelation and for order conclusion.

Payment methods

The payment methods that are enabled in the checkout page. The first payment method in the list will be the selected payment method in the checkout page.


This is the currency that you set the prices for products. The customers will be charged in this currency.

Currency position

This option allows you to control the currency position

Symbol of money

The symbol of money is shown ahead of prices. If you want a space between the symbol and prices, add a space at the end of the symbol.

Other Fees / Services Fees

(0 - 100%)

Other fees related to the sale.

Shipping type

This option allows you to control how the customer will get their order.

Store address

This address is shown to the customer in the checkout page if you allow pick up in the store.

Require shipping address

Shipping countries

The countries that you ship an order.

Default Shipping country

The country that will be selected by default in the checkout page.

Delivery cost

A flat rate cost to deliver the order to the customer address.


This setting control where your customers will finish their orders. For the Shopify store, you can't change this setting since the Chatbot will use the default checkout page of Shopify. If you want the user to complete the order outside of Messenger like on your website, Amazon,.. don't use our default checkout page.

Checkout Page Link Pro

Use your own custom checkout page instead of the our default checkout page. Learn More

Checkout Flow ID

Redirect a user to a flow where you can use Ecommece action to complete the order.

Minimum order value

The minimum value of the order that a customer can place. This condition is checked when all discounts are applied.

Maximum vendors in a cart

The maximum number of different vendors that are allowed in a single shopping cart. -1 = unlimited

Require buyer name

If the buyer name will be collected during the checkout.

Require email address

If the buyer email address will be collected during the checkout.

Require phone number

If the buyer phone number will be collected during the checkout.

Require state/province

If the buyer state will be collected during the checkout.

Require zip code

If the buyer zip code will be collected during the checkout.